Everything in the Universe has Rhythm. Everything Dances

-Maya Angelou


Cherie Hill is a creative artist, dancer, performer, teacher and scholar, whose art explores human expression and how it is conveyed through the body in collaboration with nature, music and visual imagery. Ms. Hill’s somatic technique, Movement, Meditation, Mindpower (MMM) blends studies of Hatha yoga, Alexander Technique, Movement Ritual, Dance in Nature, and Dance is Life Process developed by Anna Halprin. A certified Planetary Dance facilitator, Cherie’s research on dance and somatic practices have been presented at the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, the International Association of Black Dance Conference, California Dance Education Association Conference, and the National Dance Education Organization Conference, Miami. She has published essays on dance in journals, Gender Forum, In Dance and the Sacred Dance Journal.

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Artist Statement

I create dance phrases, write about personal experiences, pull text from literature, communicate with nature, improvise, and track self-portraits to manifest my world, my vision, my perspective. Pulling from black feminist standpoint theory, I hold that my truths and stories are significant and I share my culture and artistic expression in search of higher elevations of myself and environment. My goal in life/art is to get to the core of human existence; to experience the depths of soul. I aim to produce works that are raw, ecstatic, deep and heart loving. My performances are expressions of life experiences.

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